Friends of Momomento


The contemporary circus company from Vienna tells modern fairy tales; sometimes funny; sometimes touching, but always bizarre. They skillfully move between well-known clichés and total imagination.

Compagnie Nie

Melanie Moe and Bernhard Bernhard have been working together as “Compagnie NiE” since 2016 and tour, among other things, with their absurd stage program “Anschauen!”.

What makes the company so special is the charming combination of figure and object theater with contemporary circus.


LEMOUR is a declaration of love to the irresistible magic of storytelling. Our language is movement, our muse is the spark of life: we interweave supple, clumsy and elegant, so that the charming, quirky characters are refreshingly lovable. We receive their very personal wounds, let them become miracles and conjure up tears on the eyelashes and a smile in the heart of the audience.